HomeiraStyle Debuts “Art of Flavor” Collection at Inaugural Vegas Food Expo


HomeiraStyle among a select group of new and innovative food brands selected for showcase event

HomeiraStyle "Art of Flavor" Collection of Premium Herb & Spice


Manhattan Beach, California, March 20, 2016 – HomeiraStyle will debut the “Art of Flavor” collection of 11 signature herb and spice blends at the Inaugural Vegas Food Expo, March 30 – 31 at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The “Art of Flavor” gourmet seasonings were developed by Homeira Goldstein, founder of HomeiraStyle, a lifestyle brand that seeks to inspire, guide and motivate you to be creative from kitchen to table and in the home. The 11 “Art of Flavor” Herb & Spice Blends feature a recipe and a signature flavor profile inspired by Eastern Mediterranean cuisine for everything from chicken, beef, lamb, pork, fish, vegetables to pasta and rice.

“I created my original spice blends to make it easier to cook dynamic and delicious meals,” said Homeira Goldstein. “I am delighted to have been selected to participate in this event. My team and I are looking forward to meeting with the many retail buyers, professional chefs and adventurous foodies that will be coming to the desert for two delicious days.”

Vegas Food Expo, America’s first and only invitational food trade show is designed to give select, emerging food brands a forum to showcase their products. “We’re working to introduce small and innovative companies like HomeiraStyle, to a broader audience of retailers, distributors, chefs, media, and investors than they might normally be able to reach,” explains event creator Brett Ottolenghi. “Our team sought to include ‘on the brink’ exhibitors poised to garner greater consumer exposure based on their originality, quality, packaging and mission,” he adds.

HomeiraStyle “the Art of Flavor” Herb & Spice Blends include the following:


Blend No.10 Steak
Blend No.20 Kabob
Blend No.21 Meat Sauce
Blend No.30 Lamb Rack
Blend No.40 Pork Rack
Blend No.49 Pork Rib
Blend No.50 Chicken
Blend No.60 Fish
Blend No.70 Vegetable
Blend No.80 Pasta
Blend No.90 Rice


HomeiraStyle is a lifestyle brand founded by Homeira Goldstein that seeks to inspire, guide and motivate you to be creative from kitchen to table and in the home. HomeiraStyle specialty food products feature the gamut of robust and spirited regional flavors that represent the very soul of Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean cuisine. Each Herb and Spice Blend in “Art of Flavor” collection is artisan-crafted in small batches from the finest globally-sourced, single-origin and all-natural ingredients with no fillers or preservatives. HomeiraStyle products are free of genetically modified ingredients, gluten, MSG. The brilliance of the flavors created by Homeira’s original recipes are more than just the herbs & spices, the magic is her use of olive oil, described within the included recipes, to allow each unique Blend to meld, bloom and transform into something far beyond the sum of the individual ingredients.


Homeira Goldstein, a descendant of Persian Qajar royalty, who is well known for her many years of support and promotion of the arts and creative culture, founded HomeiraStyle to promote creativity and inspire ultimate artful living in the kitchen, at the table, and in the home. After a successful finance and business career, Homeira devoted her time to the raising of her son. It was then she began cooking and developing her signature, flavorful style in the kitchen recreating the flavors that she experienced in her childhood and throughout her extensive global travels. Homeira views every moment with family and friends as an opportunity for celebration. As a result, she has developed her signature style for tablescapes and artful living. Homeira has channeled all her creative energy into the creation of her company, HomeiraStyle, a creative lifestyle company that offers unique herb and spice blends as well as kitchen and tablescaping essentials.


The inaugural two-day food trade show, taking place March 30th and 31st, 2017 in Las Vegas, is designed for small and innovative companies that might not be able to present at larger, coastal food shows. The curated exhibition will feature up-and-coming brands, introducing food producers to attendees ranging from retail buyers, chefs and potential investors to allied professionals and curious foodies. The first day is exclusively open to buyers, the second day is open to buyers and any ticket holders. Admission is complimentary for buyers and $50 for general admission. For more information, visit VegasFoodExpo.com, or follow Vegas Food Expo on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

To learn more about Homeira Goldstein and HomeiraStyle, please: contact us at 1(310)376-8880 or hs@homeirastyle.com

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