Cheech & Playa: A Dinner with Cheech Marin

I was so thrilled when John Sedlar, the famous ARTIST Chef and my long term friend, invited me to dinner at Playa on January 29, 2013 when he was having Cheech Marin as his guest chef to celebrate his new menu MEXI-CHINA, a fusion of Mexican and Cantonese cooking inspired by the many thousands of immigrants who came to Baja centuries ago. (Visit Playa’s Website)

I immediately accepted as not only John is a dear friend; Cheech and Natasha are also dear friends and the evening sounded exciting.

Cheech and John were diligently collaborating behind the counter and cooking to put out fantastic cuisine. Here are two artists in their own rights coming together in creating an incredible experience for the guests. We tasted as many dishes as we could handle. The best ones were,

POT STICKERS – with pulled smoked chipotle pork, roasted MAUI GOLD pineapple salsa and
ROLLED – crispy spring rolls with aeroponic rooftop GREENS nopal cactus and green Chile shrimp by Cheech and

DIM SUM TAMALES – with Lime Shrimp, Corn masa, aguas chiles salsa and
TAMAL CHIPOTLE – wild-mushroom, corn masa dumpling, sliced filet mignon, chipotle béarnaise watercress by John,

We visited with Marins and John and took some pictures with my cell phone, sorry they did not come out very good. Should have had my camera with me.



It was a memorable night. You can experience the Mexi-CHINA menu any day at Playa. EAT ART


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