Tablescapes Create a Memorable Experience

Will your guests remember the scent of fresh-cut peonies from your centerpiece, a cool metal charger under their fingertips or the vision of a room glowing with candlelight? Will they recall multiple levels of palate discoveries as they bite into the layers of a salad, the sweet taste of truffle honey, or the emotive dance of a cello under conversation? Your tablescape should take into account your table top, centerpiece and place setting.


Setting a Table is Like Creating a Painting

Just like an artist choosing a piece of canvas or other surfaces and the type of paint or other mediums he uses for creating his artwork, your choice of table top, centerpieces and place setting is where you create your tablescape art. This applies to choosing or creating your table top, centerpieces and designing place settings. Break free from all the old rules and get creative. There are no rules to making artworks. There are, however, a few truths that will promise blissful experiences.

The Height of the Centerpiece

The most important part of any gathering is for the guests to connect, converse and share experiences. So the centerpiece should be below or above the eye level.

Adequate Space Between the Settings

Your goal is for your guests to thoroughly enjoy their dining experience. Giving them enough space to move their elbow is being sensitive to your guests’ comfort and honoring their space.

Comfortable Chairs

Make your own and your guest’s dining experience an ultimate joy. There is nothing more annoying than an uncomfortable dining chair, where you have to sit for couple of hours. Choose your dining chairs wisely. You will be happy you did.

Seating Arrangements

The best hostess is one who ensures a good time had by all guests during the dinner celebration. That is achieved by engaging all guests in all or some of the exchanges and dialogs around the dining table. A well-planned seating arrangement guaranties guest involvements in the festivities and conversations, and thus an enjoyable dinner experience.


Your table top is the canvas and framework for your tablescape style and creation. They could be very simple, basic and minimal or textured, bold and colorful. It could only serve as a backdrop for your centerpieces and place settings or could be an integral part of the tablescape art you create. It sets the tone for what the end result is going to be. It also depends on your life style and the event you are planning for.

Your tabletop choices are wood, stone, glass, metal, tile, concrete, and more. You could also use table covers by using tablecloths, overlays and runners in a variety of styles, textures, patterns and colors.


Centerpieces are the focal point of your tablescape. They set the mood for the type of dining festivity you have. All eyes around the dining table are on them for the entire time of your dinner celebration. They play an important role in bringing your guests together. They ignite the sense of togetherness and extend this sense onto the place settings. They can be conversational and engaging pieces.

Centerpieces can be as creative as your imagination. You can use Artworks, Flowers, Plants, Leaves, Candles, River Rocks, Fabrics, Antiques, and more.

Utensils and Placements

There are many rules and different schools of thoughts and traditions dictating how they should be placed for each guest for different occasions, from basic to formal tablescapings. While traditions are good to follow, in our present modern styles, there are many creative ways to place utensils at your place setting. Unless you are in a very creative mood, follow these basics:

Have a utensil for every course so your guests don’t have to wait for you to get them one, unless you are having 11-course meal and you have to clean them for the next course. Place utensils in the order of use, from the outside in.

Place Settings

Place settings honor and celebrate you and your guests. They individually welcome and acknowledge your guests. They make your guests feel appreciated. They bring joy and a visual feast to your dining experience.

Place settings include: Place Mats, Chargers, Dinnerware, Napkins, Napkin Holders, Flowers, Glasses, Cups and Saucers. You can get creative and personalize the experience by adding other touches like interesting Name tags, Printed Menus, Flower Vases, and Plants for each guest. You can also create art pieces for each savory starter course. You will see some examples on the site.