How To Know You’re A Foodie

You might be a foodie if: You find yourself working on a book for years at a time that deals with the creation and presentation of food as art. That statement at the head of this blog? That’s me. I’m a foodie, and I can’t really get around it.

The dictionary defines a foodie as, “a person keenly interested in food, especially in eating or cooking.”

But in addition to that I see food as art. Just as you look at a painting with your sense of seeing and take it in deeply in your being, you eat food with your sense taste and process the experience through with the complex array of flavors, either the complexity of it or simplicity of it.

Food is what culture breathes, it brings us together, it gives us opportunities to express ourselves in new, unique ways. There are those that are “traditional” out there, but this word just makes me squirm! I can’t even look at it without running the other direction. I’m an artsy foodie, modern in my approach to cooking, presenting food, eating and in totality DINING.

What I love about food is that you have an opportunity to not only indulge in a most intimate sense, but you have the ability to directly express yourself with it too. Because I don’t do the traditional thing, I always end up with a new recipe almost every time I cook! I almost don’t even like doing the same thing twice since every opportunity to cook is a new one opportunity to express myself!

Cooking is a beautiful art. Dining can be an intimately or grand shared experience. Presenting food is just as much an art as the cooking itself! Eating in general is an amazing experience in which you nurture your body, your senses, your soul and those that you’re cooking for.

What’s your favorite food? Write to me! Let me know!! I’m always interested in trying out new things, new places to eat, and new ways to experience food. I would love to write a review of your favorite dish!