My Version of an Ottoman

When it comes to throwing parties and utilizing space, sometimes you have to get a little creative! At Arnold’s birthday party, we had over 400 guests coming and there was little seating room, so when I talked with the rental company about renting the stage, backdrop, bars and heaters, I also asked them about getting couple of ottomans.

After measuring the space, I realized that the ottomans would eliminate a lot of room for people to move around without giving much space for seating. It just would not work. So I thought for a moment about what I have to work with. I also wanted to have a surface that I could do flowers to warm up the room.

I came up with this: I used two regular 60″ round banquet tables with white table cloths and flowers all over the table and put the chairs’ back to the table facing out. I could not believe my eyes – how beautiful they looked!

I was happy for my creation because it gave me a surface to do flower arrangements, more seating room than the ottomans and left me more space for the guests to walk around and at the end it helped the budget too, even though I did not have a budget for this party.

Sometimes you can make do with what you have, sometimes you cannot – but you should always try finding a creative solution for whatever you choose because there are many things you can do to conserve and make space, and sometimes you can save money and time by doing so!

I hope this inspires you to do more with your own space, and think about ways that you can re-use things for purposes that maybe aren’t so typical.