MY FAVORITE THINGS | Kitchen Gadgets


An very important part of being able to be creative in the kitchen is having the right tools that facilitate your creativity and imagination. These favorite things are all cutting gadgets that give wings to my culinary creations! I can't imagine being without any of these.

  1. My Regulation Chef's knives | cutting, chopping, dicing

    My regulation Chef Knives with perfect grip for my hand
    8½” and 9½” long blades by 2½” width next to handle
    The wide part of the blade next to handle helps with more control
    and allows the most comfortable use without bending the wrist

  2. My Mandolines and KitchenAid Spiralizer | paper thin slicing, julienne, spiral cuts

    I use my two old mandolines constantly for the most perfect paper thin cuts
    and precise julienne of vegetables

    I love create spiral cut veggies for use in so many ways.
    Spiral cuts are so fun to use in creative plating
    NOTE: Mandoline – USE the hand guard, as the blade is beyond razor sharp!

  3. My Cutco Super Shear Scissors

    Whether you call them shears or scissors, I love my Cutco Shears
    Strong and versatile, I use them in the kitchen and the garden.
    They cut everything from delicate herbs to tough packaging.
    The heavy-duty blades come apart for easy cleaning.

    Perfect for breaking down a chicken, cutting through tough sinewy proteins and more.