The Beach Reporter | Manhattan Beach Resident resident launches hand-blended collection of herb and spice artSAVORs


Manhattan Beach entrepreneur and art patron Homeira Goldstein recently debuted her HomeiraStyle hand-blended herb and spice collection of artSAVORs at the inaugural Vegas Food Expo in Las Vegas.

Her company was invited to join a select group of new, innovative food brands selected by event creator Brett Ottolenghi, HomeiraStyle offers 11 different herb and spice blends inspired by the tastes of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine.

“This is our first-ever exhibition, and I am hoping to walk away from the Vegas Food Expo by putting flavor on the map.” Goldstein said. “We have not done any other marketing yet. The show is all about introducing new and emerging companies in a show that features only very high-end food ingredients. The show is all about creative, interesting start-ups.”

The curated exhibition featured new and rising brands, introducing food producers to foodies and retail buyers, chefs and potential investors alike.

Goldstein created her company uniquely because of her love of art.

According to Goldstein, “I always wanted to be an artist, since I was 10 years old. I look at everything as art. When people say I am a good cook, I am annoyed: I say, ‘I am not a cook, I create.’”

Goldstein worked in design, fashion and business and accounting and headed up her own financial accounting firm, while still supporting the arts, commissioning works and planning exhibitions. Her creative impulse, combined with cooking quality food for her family, led her into the kitchen.

“The way I grew up, I didn’t have my mother’s or grandmother’s recipes. I learned cooking all on my own. I look at food as art, because I think it can be so creative. With food you use all your senses, you can use your sense of taste, the visual, scent, even hearing –– because when food sizzles you can hear it.”

The final impetus toward exploring cuisine as a creative outlet came when Goldstein balked at feeding her son commercial baby food products.

“I wanted to give him the kind of food I was raised with, and so I started experimenting based on my memory of all those flavors. I explored buying herbs and spices. Everything I’ve done is based on my own experiments, learning and creativity,” she said.

The HomeiraStyle collections offers flavoring for everything from meat to fish to vegetables, pasta and rice. Goldstein’s goal was to create original spice blends that make it easier to create delicious meals –– and create artful living in the kitchen.