Fashion | The Art of Sleeves

The Art of Sleeves


What we put on our body comes in many pieces shapes and forms.

Starting with one piece, which is a dress. Then two pieces top and bottom, moving to suits that can be three or four pieces and then coats, and shoes.

I typically look at clothes in a different way. I deconstruct them and look at them as section and parts.

A top to me consist of the torso part, sleeves, collar, and accessories that could be designer addition and shape that would be worn over the main torso part.

Today, my blog is about Sleeves. They play an important role in the scheme of the design and the image of your fashion and style. They can turn an ordinary jacket to a haute couture and interesting wear. Sleeves set your look apart from anybody else. I will show you many more dramatic sleeves in my future posts.


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