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the Brooch:
a lost art & timless accessory for any season!

Use your imagination. Express your personal style.

Have you been shopping for accessories lately?  Have you seen any interesting brooches?  I haven’t!  everything is just shiny, flashy and mundane.

Traveling to New York every other week was part of my routine when I was working in corporate America.  I would fly first class redeye from LAX to JFK on Sunday night, get to my hotel room early in the morning, shower and be at our subsidiary at 9:00 ready for meetings with the top executives.

Not that I had that much time, but any chance I got instead of eating I would be shopping.  And part of the fun was finding accessories in some little shops that had both new and vintage pieces that were breath taking.  I always looked for something different and exciting that added to my style.  Sadly,  I don’t travel to NY that much these days and when I do I am so busy visiting art galleries that I have not been exploring those shops and when I have the shops are not there anymore.

Somehow the idea of creative, interesting and innovative brooches is not fashionable now.

Having said all of that, I love these two butterfly brooches.  They are simple, colorful and different.  And ironically, they are gifts from a friend who knows me very well and knows what I like. 

Look for that brooch that transforms you outfit into style. 

THE BROOCH • Let's Go Shopping!

While it seem brooches have been relegated to the back of the wardrobe or to the thrift store counter or estate auctions of precious jewelry. From low to high there are many places to find these special pieces that can become a versatile additions to your style bag of tricks! Here are a few examples, from vintage costume jewelry created by artists of the past to one of the most famous Cartier creations, the Duchess of Windsor's Flamingo created in precious metal, diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds!