Artist Spotlight | Claudia Meyer


While metaphysics teaches us to believe in existence and nothingness, Claudia Meyer’s art shows us  matter  and  light.  The essence of the artist’s creations therefore consists of flows and energy.  In order to unite the later, her creative inspiration draws upon all materials, including those produced by nature, and those invented by man.  This expresses a great sense of freedom. The artwork guides and enables us to exist with the artist.  The generous strokes and expressive lines show us that the material is full of this luminous and translucent vacuum. Movement emerges from the immobile forms.  These spirals, these character that resemble writing  are  imperceptible  yet powerfully  suggestive.  They remind  us  of  ancient manuscripts. Immanent and material, Claudia’s creations point to the transcendent.  This  transcendence  that  is  so  close  to  us  is  one  of  emotion  and  sensitivity.  At the heart of the temporal, her art confronts us with the universe and puts man back into a living world.  It lights up  the  material as  if  to  say  that  what  is  real  is  our  language  and  that  the  artist  is  there  to  help  us  see  it.  It speaks  to  us  of  air,  water  and  fire.  In  this  sense,  art  is  an  opening,  a  mirror  or  a  dialogue,  which  is  accessible  for  everyone.

Nature,  light  and  human-made  materials  are  my  unlimited  sources  of  inspiration. More  than  often  I  deliberately  proceed  to  redefine  and  re-establish  harmonious and  innovative  dialogue  between  them.  I extract,  suggest  and  eventually  emphasize underlying  strength  or  feel,  and  re-associate  and  re-embed  them  through  a revisited,  abstract  and  new  open-minded  three-dimensional  approach. Transversality  became  my  tool  to  redefining  invisible  boundaries  and  mingling  of energy  and  flows.  More  than  often  I  am  laying  the  ground  for  a  subliminal uplifting  dialog  connecting  to  energy  and  to  being  in  the  moment.  I  like  my  work  to be  a  source  for  inspiration,  reflection  and  to  be  a  visual  and  sensorial  experience through  colors,  transparencies,  lights,  textures,  materials    and  shapes.  I  do  not intend  to  shock,  provoke  or  being  negative.  On  the  contrary.