Sweet Corn Blini

Corn Blini

Sweet Corn Blini

Delicious quick and versatile, top with avocado, yogurt and cilantro and a bit of jalapeño or smoked trout and shallots that have been quick pickled in rice wine vinegar. Let your imagination run wild. Serve multiple versions of this same little blini and your guests will be delighted!


  1. Parchment Paper
  2. Butter for buttering parchment paper
  3. 6C Water
  4. 2t Salt
  5. 1C White Cornmeal
  6. 6T Unsalted Butter
  7. 8T Goat Cheese
  8. 1C White Cornmeal – For frying
  9. Sea Salt and pepper – Freshly ground
  10. Canola Oil


  1. Line a 14X17 baking sheet with parchment paper
  2. Butter the parchment paper and set aside
  3. Combine water and salt in a medium sauce pan, bring to boil over high heat
  4. Slowly add cornmeal, whisking constantly
  5. Reduce heat to medium heat
  6. Continue stirring and cooking until mixture is smooth
  7. Add water if necessary to keep a batter consistency
  8. Remove from heat and add butter and goat cheese
  9. Spread the mixture over the baking sheet by pouring it and
  10. Placing another sheet on top of it and gently pressing it down
  11. Cover and refrigerator preferably over night
  12. Heat oil a large sauté pan to 350F
  13. Using a cookie cutter, cut mixture into 2 inch round slices
  14. Place additional cornmeal on a plate and season with salt and pepper
  15. Dredge each slice in cornmeal mixture
  16. Shake off excess mixture and fry until cooked about 5 minutes
  17. Place on paper towel to get rid of excess oil
  18. Set aside to use with for your tartars or appetizers