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For this blog, I will share the tablescaping for my private artist dinner following my TIME4ART exhibition opening reception last week.  The dinner was for artist’s family and friends with maximum 16-20 guests.  This is very difficult for me as everyone loves my artist’s dinners and wants to attend, however, I have to limit it to the few guests close to the artist.

Given the fact that we eat with all of our senses, in addition to your food, your tablescaping plays an important role to the success of your dinner event, no matter what the occasion is.

Also, given the new millennium, with extreme daily life overloads we want to do things easily yet artistically.  Let us relax, get creative, have fun and use the process as an experience.  Use your imagination, be open to change and be spontaneous and free.  Very early in my life, I broke off from the traditions and risked freedom in everything I do.  Freedom is the greatest gift we have in life.  There are no rules.  Just some truth that will be advantages to the success of your event if you follow them.

Here is what I did for my artist’s private dinner.  Being in the middle of spring season, bright colors and freshness came to mind.   Starting with center piece, I chose mixing art, plant, flowers and candles.

A simple plant with some daffodils set the mood for the happy spring.  Shiny stainless sculptures by artist Simon Ouwerkerk next to candles and over broken crystals brought illumination, life and anticipation.  Simply folded black napkins and colorful decorative napkins over Sculptural charges by artist Simon Ouwerkerk brought energy and excitement.  The white clay flowers by artist, Joe Davidson put the final touch on finished tablescape.   Since the dinner was buffet style with tray passed savory bites, only one fork and knife was used for silverware.

With very little effort I put a great deal of love and energy into the evening.  It was magical and enjoyed by all.  Get creative with me!