"natural" Floral Simplicity

"natural" floral simplicity

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TABLESCAPE | "natural" Floral Simplicity

I was just flipping through channels and stopped on  NBC's “Ellen” show. She always has a floral arrangement on the table which is always a tightly arranged mass of a single color of flowers with no leaves. To me while flowers are beautiful and exquisite, arranging them so tightly next to each other with no leaves or some kind of separation feels suffocating, unnatural and does not display appropriate appreciated of the individual bloom's beauty. 

Flowers by their definition are meant to be showcased to present their beauty individually.  Most flower have leaves to embrace them, to display them and present them in their ultimate beauty.  I like to honor that.  If I use any leafless flowers or flowers with little or poor leaves, I add green leaves to the arrangement. While I don't practice the Japanese floral art of "ikebana", I love the principles it embodies to arrange the elements (flowers, leaves, branches)  as they occur in nature. You can almost sense the figurative "breeze" gently rustle the leaves and flower petals.

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