Fragrant Basmati Rice

Rice Blend No.90

Fragrant Basmati Rice


My fragrant rice is the simplest recipe in only 3 steps:Soaking • Washing • Cooking

This recipe calls for 3 cups of rice, refrigerates well and is very versatile. You can use the extra cooked rice in salads, in stuffed vegetables, in Paella, with grilled vegetables, with eggs, or Get Creative! It also reheats beautifully in the microwave.

Seasons 3 Cups of Basmati Rice (Dry)
Serves 6 -12


  1. 1pk artSAVOR 90

  2. ½C Olive oil, More if needed

  3. 3C Basmati Rice

  4. 6C Water, For soaking rice

  5. 2T Salt, For soaking rice

  6. 1T Ghee¹ or Butter

  7. 4C Water, For cooking rice


  • 12” Round about 3” Deep Non-stick Pan with lid

  • Glass Jar (Preferably with Screw Lid)


  • For even flavor in every bite mix entire package with oil

  • Use artSAVOR 90 for variety of rice recipes, salads, eggs or herbed oil

  • Add extra salt to your taste if desired


  1. Mix entire package of artSAVOR 90 with oil in a mixing bowl, set aside

  2. In a large bowl, soak rice in water and salt for 2-3 hours

  3. Discard salt water

  4. Wash rice gently several times until water is clear and salt is totally rinsed off

  5. Transfer rice to a colander and place colander on top of the bowl, set aside


  1. Heat ghee in non-stick pan over low to medium heat

  2. Add all of the Blend mixture and rice and sauté for about 40-50 seconds

  3. Add water, stir gently to incorporate mixture, lower heat

  4. Cover and cook for 35-45 minutes or until rice is done and fluffy

  5. Serve with your choice of vegetables or protein


You may use 1½ Cups rice, and half of the Blend mixture.
If so, refrigerate excess Blend mixture in a jar with lid closed for later use

  1. Ghee is Clarified butter

Rice Blend No.90