My "no bake" Baked Alaska


"no bake" Baked Alaska


Here is another of my Sophisticated Sweet Treat Tricks that requires no baking skills! Cake and ice cream topped with meringue and NO OVEN, how could you go wrong? Your guests will think you have mad pastry skills or a pastry chef on retainer! I promise this will be a smashing hit with your whole family as it has always been with mine.



  1. 1       Chocolate Cake _ 10”-11” _Store Bought
  2. 8C   Cappuccino Ice Cream
  3. 2C   Vanilla Ice Cream
  4. 10    Egg Whites
  5. ¼t   Salt
  6. ½t   Vanilla
  7. 1¼C  Sugar Powder


  • 11” Long Blade Knife
  • Blender          
  • Stand Mixer
  • Piping bag
  • Kitchen Torch


  1. Cut Cake horizontally about 1¾” thick, place it on your freezer safe serving dish
  2. Spread cappuccino ice cream over the cake evenly, transfer to freezer for 2 hours
  3. With your hands, break up remaining of the cake into pieces, or up to 3 cups depending upon the height of your cake
  4. Add cake pieces and vanilla ice cream in blender and coarsely blend.  Do not over blend
  5. Transfer the cake and cappuccino mixture from freezer to your counter
  6. Top with cake and vanilla ice cream mixture, return to freezer for 5 hours
  7. Place egg whites, salt and vanilla into the bowl of stand mixer
  8. Whisk eggs on high speed until they reach stiff peaks
  9. Place some of the meringue in piping bag
  10. Remove cake and ice cream mixture from the freezer
  11. Cover cake and ice cream mixture with a layer of meringue all around
  12. Pipe the remainder of the meringue and decorate to your creation
  13. Use kitchen torch to brown the meringue and serve immediately